Over the last few decades the Hookah culture has definitely gained a lot of popularity with more and more people in Ukraine. Now it is developing rapidly and spreading as fast as possible.
People are taking pleasure in smoking Hookah and prefer to spend their free time, leisure or even just have their business meetings during smoking the hookah. Hookah smoking is a social enjoyment, where people enjoy smoking Hookah to relax, lounge, and enjoy time with friends, business partners and close people.

Karma hookah is the first Ukrainian hookah with the use of wood in its products. We have been operating since 2015.
In times when there was no wide and high-quality range of hookah equipment why not to create our own product?

The Brazilian and Turkish hookah cultures directly influenced on the style and appearance of our Hookahs. We took the bright colors of our wooden inserts and variety of tray patterns from them.
Nowadays Karma Hookah can be found in the most top lounges in Ukraine and all over the world. Geography of our hookah is constantly expanding. Join us!!!!

Scheme of hookah

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Model 3.0 Mini
February 26, 2019

Model 3.0 Mini ! We can’t produce enough because demand so big for bestseller in small version. But now at stock in big quantity

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New tray
December 26, 2018

Cozy evenings and Brazilian ornaments inspired us to something completely new.

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Mouthpieces KARMA HOOKAH
October 12, 2018

We are pleased to introduce our mouthpieces, which will decorate any hookah and will be appreciated by all fans of comfort, beauty and reasonable things! Materials: medical stainless steel, natural wood (walnut or sweet cherry), an insert from polymer resins of different colors, protective varnish and there is no any drop of paint. The length

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